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With LARSA's Section Composer and the Steel Bridge Module, LARSA 4D BRIDGE provides a single license platform for post-tension, cable-stayed and pedestrian bridges, along with our Staged Analysis engine which provides efficiency and quality, saving time and delivering value.


Opened on March 31st of 2014, American Bridge used LARSA 4D's Staged Construction Analysis to provide erection engineering services for the new Las Vegas High Roller. With a total structural height of 550-feet and a central wheel 469-feet in diameter, the High Roller is the largest observation wheel in the world.

To learn more, visit American Bridge's website for project details.

4D News

LARSA 4D Version 7.08.05

LARSA 4D Version 7.08.05 is a maintenance release that fixes several critical bugs affecting analysis results.June 04, 2015

LARSA 4D Video Tutorials

New training videos for the Introductory Guide to Bridge Projects and the Steel Bridge Module are available on our video documentation page. March 31, 2014

Updated Manuals for Bridge Projects

The introductory and advanced manuals for bridge projects have been updated for LARSA 4D Versions 7.5 and later, and a new manual on seismic and dynamic analysis has been added. To view these and other training materials, visit our documentation page.Nov 21, 2012